Passing from an icy landscape to the brightly lit skyscrapers of the metropolis is an emotional experience.  Tokyo literally means “eastern capital” because it is situated east of Kyoto, which was the imperial capital until 1868.  With about fifteen million people, it has the highest population and is the most densely inhabited of the country’s prefectures, as well as the second largest world capital in terms of population. It is difficult to establish how much time is necessary to be able to comprehend its every nuance, perfume, habit, colour, and tradition. It would perhaps be better to concentrate on the coolest and most representative quarters of this boundless city.

Shibuya is undoubtedly one of the most dynamic zones of the city and spreads out from the station of Shibuya, one of the most crowded of the Japanese capital. The district is illuminated by maxiscreens, found on all the buildings in this zone, and there is a huge variety of stores, restaurants, and love hotels.

Omotesando The area around the quarter of Harajuku is universally known for being a hotbed of extremely innovative street style and youthful trends, but the image of Omotesandō is more sophisticated and refined. It is commonly known as the Champs-Élysées of Tokyo.

Odaiba Accessible via the Rainbow Bridge or the futuristic Yurikamome train, Odaiba is a cutting-edge zone for entertainment on an artificial island in Tokyo Bay. Visitors head toward the Seaside Park beach to admire the view of Mount Fuji from the panoramic Ferris wheel Daikanransha, as well as interact with the robots of the Miraikan Science Museum. 

Naka-Meguro, refined quarter that sprung up around the Meguro River where one truly has the impression of being light years from the frenetic pace of Shinjuku. Life takes an easier pace amidst the numerous trendy cafés and restaurants, modern and vintage shops; and then Nakameguro Koukashita with its 700 metres of bars and restaurants, each with its own unique style. 

Shinjuku, the district that never sleeps and the one that best represents Tokyo. Here you can find anything at any time and it is so rich in stimuli that you can never be bored. You can walk for hours and hours without worrying about seeing things because everything is so incredibly lively: skyscrapers, illuminated billboards, huge Manga posters, and high-volume music.


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