This time our trip was to Fuerteventura, a subtropical island of the Canaries off the African coast, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. It is the oldest island of the zone and was created by a series of volcanic eruptions many thousands of years ago. The warm, dry earth with orange stretches reflects the very nature of this strip of land: tenacious, determined, adventurous. Its vivacious personality may also be due to the fact that Fuerteventura is situated at the same latitude as Mexico, the city of sun, tequila, and tapas. When I look at the map I see two destinations that dialogue together and it sometimes looks like they’re smiling. In the summer the trade winds lash against the rocky shores and in the winter the powerful tides of the Atlantic begin to surge and eddy, creating towering and turgid waves on the numerous beaches.

The summer total look CAPE HORN is designed for multiple occasions of use and in any weather conditions: a trip to Fuerteventura, an outdoor weekend, your daily lifestyle. Versatile and comfortable clothes, performance of materials, attention to detail and a color palette with a sportswear spirit.

They are travellers in the soul, travellers of the world.


From the Southern Latitudes of the CAPE HORN island and Tierra del Fuego, comes inspiration in creating each season of authentic garments for the modern traveler.


The particularity of CAPE HORN products is also perceived in the use of a wide range of personalized accessories and color combinations, giving each item more personality. All metal parts are “nickel free” and all the fabric details use dyes in compliance with environmental regulations.


The feather used is a high-quality blend called 90/10 JIS® (Japanese International Standard). The high quality standards, compliant with international animal protection regulations, are certified. Filling power K 100.

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