It is the Symphony of waves, made of mild sounds and melancholy.

Dugi Otok Island.

The most beautiful natural wealth of Dugi otok are certainly its beaches and bays. It’s so easy to get wet on Dugi otok: wherever you go, you’ll find the sea blue and transparent that fascinates and attracts you with its beauty.

The Croatia becomes the perfect destination for the Cape Horn spring-summer collection, the colours of the sea and sky reflect faithfully the colour palette of our summer items.

They are travellers in the soul, travellers of the world.

Down padding

The Cape Horn down jackets, with direct injection, are distinguished by comfort, fit and a pleasant feeling of “warmth without weight”. All fabrics are tested and the feather is traced and JIS® certified. The feather is enclosed in just 2 layers of fabric, which gives to the jacket outstanding lightness. The spill of some filament or feather must therefore be considered physiological.

Stretch fabric

Soft stretch fabric with a matte surface for a slim and modern fit. The fabric, made from a multi-component yarn of nylon and spandex, perfectly adapted to the shape of the body, thus making each more comfortable and natural movement. The outer lamination enables both high performance water repellency that breathability.


The URBAN-TECH products have a 3-layer construction that comprises a special waterproof and brethable high performance polyester membrane, bonded to a tough outer material, a specially developed robust inner lining and thermo-bonded stitching. The benefit: no movement between the three layers, which means less wear and tear, and even greater durability. This construction can also be combined with insulation to keep you both dry and warm.


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